La Flair Pro Model // LF - 1 High Top

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The TMPST La Flair (LF-1 High Top) 

Designed to match Jesse La Flair’s renegade Freerunning style, the TMPST La Flair 1 (LF-1) enhances the fluidity of your movement with lightweight construction, responsive cushioning, excellent traction, and a variety of Parkour specific features. This high top silhouette is accompanied by a use-optional collar strap that contributes to the lock down feel that La Flair loves when smashing a spot.

We have created a superior Parkour/Freerunning shoe, for both Jesse and the culture. Lace up. 

* A secure inner-bootie construction provides one to one feel (feels like your feet are getting a hug from the Parkour gods) 

* Extended Precision Zone: Lateral pre-zone outrigger designed to contribute to forefoot stability and greater surface contact

* Flex-grip rubber compound applied via our TMPST illusion tread pattern creates flexibility and gecko-like traction on the sketchiest walls and rails

* Long lasting molded EVA Trü-Foam ® midsole absorbs impact without sacrificing ground feel

* Jet black fish scales provide heel protection in a stylish TMPST execution

* Collar strap additional ankle support provides La Flair’s signature locked-in feel. For a casual athletic look loop the strap around back.

* Raised tongue and bootie feature mid-density PU foam providing unique comfort zones for La Flair style exploratory movements

Additional details:

-Discreet lace pockets to hide excess shoelaces
-Double stitch reinforcement strategically applied throughout the upper
-Premium removable sock liner (insole)
-Reinforced heel pull tab


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